The joint meeting has finished. Over a thousand and three hundred people participated in the 7th Japan-Korea Joint Meeting for Vascular Surgery and the 39th Annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Vascular Surgery all scheduled programs have successfully finished. We would like to thank you all for your cooperation from the bottom of our hearts. Because of the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck on March 11th, it was held with the subtitle "Reconstruction Support" in addition to the academic meeting on vascular surgery, which was the original program. As the donations for the area, we have been able to collect over 4,080,000 yen as the result of reducing costs of holding the event, limiting expenses only to fundamental aspects in the academic assembly, raising funds from participants, and receiving donations from many exhibitors who had their products on display. We were able to make donations to the afflicted areas for reconstruction support through the Okinawa Branch of the Japanese Red Cross Society at the closing ceremony on April 22nd. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all those involved. Moreover we pray for the days of peace and security coming to those in the afflicted areas.

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